About Us

Along with its delicious menu, one of the popular reasons for visiting the Jerk Hut is its amazing outdoor dining area. During seasonal weather, there is an awesome, 60-seat, semi-secluded outdoor seating area around the side of the restaurant that will practically transport you to Jamaica.

Bright tablecloths, blooming hibiscus and bamboo plants, candle-lit pathways and reggae music playing softly in the background set the mood. There is a covered veranda area plus additional seating for groups around circular picnic tables for true under-the-stars dining.

In Jamaica, "jerk" refers to the traditional method of cooking spiced meat over an open fire. At the Jerk Hut, the meat is cooked over a charcoal pit in the kitchen. The homemade jerk seasoning — with ginger, thyme, all-spice, onions and soy and rubbed onto the meat before cooking — creating a delicious tangy, spicy and smoky flavor.

Naturally, the jerk chicken platter, served with coconut rice and beans, is a must. But there are also a variety of other excellent dishes worthy of your attention, including delectable chicken, beef and vegetable patties (similar to an empanada), a conch salad, garlic shrimp, oxtail stew and roti curry.

The Jamaican Jerk Hut is an extremely friendly BYOB restaurant specializing in authentic Caribbean food.